JOB TITLE: Electrician
PUBLISHED: 2020-03-06 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2020-04-05


 Apply electrical theory and related knowledge to test and modify developmental or operational electrical machinery and electrical control equipment and circuitry;
 Provide technical assistance and resolution when electrical or basic site / building maintenance problems are encountered;
 Assemble and maintain electrical and electronic systems according to engineering data and knowledge of electrical principles, using hand tools and measuring instruments;
 Prepare and maintain: maintenance records and parts lists;
 Collaborate with engineers and other personnel to identify, define, and solve problems;
 Build, calibrate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair electrical instruments or testing equipment;
 Conduct inspections for quality control and assurance programs, reporting findings and recommendations;
 Source, Install and maintain electrical systems and general maintenance items and equipment,
 Write commissioning procedures for electrical installations;
 To assist to carry out other repair works, if required;

If your candidacy meets the above requirements, please send your CV to recruitment@orcaoffshore.org

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