VBA/SQL/Python Programmer
JOB TITLE: VBA/SQL/Python Programmer
EMPLOYER: RSM Azerbaijan DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2019-10-23 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-11-22

Role: VBA/SQL/Python Programmer


We are looking for a temporary VBA/SQL/Python programmer who will be able to work at the office full time dedicated to a certain project within 6 months. The role holder will be responsible for developing software and various modules, analyzing large amount of data and building effective workflows to support the required project within specified period.


• Work closely with project manager to understand the scope of the project and provide required support
• Develop and maintain SQL queries (stored procedures, functions, triggers etc.)
Using PL/SQL, MySQL and SQLite
• Develop and maintain Python applications (v.3.6 and up)
• Maintain and support legacy Excel VBA code
• Find optimum solutions for arisen and potential problems
• Analytical approach to maintain and support the existing software
• Work with team and share programming knowledge with 1-2 team members

Desirable criteria and qualifications:

• Experience in VBA/SQL/Python programming (minimum 3 years in industry)
• Strong mathematical and data analytical skills
• Ability to think critically and logically
• Strong problem solver
• Exceptional attention to detail. Smart, enthusiastic and able to work independently
• Good communications and behavioral skills
• Intermediate English

E - mail : vusala.aliyeva@rsm.az

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