PVV Supervisor (Piping, Valves, Vessels)
JOB TITLE: PVV Supervisor (Piping, Valves, Vessels)
EMPLOYER: Joint Operating Company of Absheron Petroleum DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2019-07-15 LAST UPDATED: 2019-07-15 DEADLINE: 2019-08-14
Direction : Joint Venture and Development
Division : PROJECT
PVV Supervisor (Piping, Valves, Vessels)
Position to report: Fabrication Lead
Present Job holder: new recruitment
Absheron Early Production Scheme (EPS) is an early development phase to target a first gas production in 2021.
The Full Field Development will be envisaged depending on the results of EPS well ABD001.
JOCAP Joint Operating Company will manage the EPS phase through a Technical Services agreement with TOTAL who will conduct
on its behalf both Drilling operations and subsea EPC Project and through an EPCI contract with BOSSHELF for the receiving
facilities and tie-ins for the oil rock facilities.
Absheron development reference agreements are PSA, JOA and addendums.

The job holder’s overall responsibility is to assist the Fabrication Lead in monitoring the piping Fabrication and Pre-commissioning
activities related to the Fabrication, Installation, Hook-up and Tie-in of the Oil Rocks Receiving Facilities.
The job holder is accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSSE rules & requirements, with regards to
the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy and for implementing and controlling these rules and requirements within his area of responsibility.
The job holder shall:
- check that Contractor HSE practices are acceptable, that proper measures and procedures are being implemented by everyone concerned, and that all risks are evaluated and planned for by the Contractor
- monitor that the work is performed in accordance with industry best practices and project specifications
- monitor that the Contractor’s construction equipment, personnel and other resources are sufficient and mobilised and demobilised in good time
- check that progress achieved is in line with plan (that revised plannings, if any, are compatible with project objectives)
- monitor that quality is acceptable with regard to contract requirements
- assess subcontractors’ performance (with regard to safety, quality, efficiency)
- focus on the early identification of potential problems and to propose appropriate solutions to the Fabrication Lead
- participate in evaluation and analysis of problems and their solution
- Record facts related to potential or issued CORs
- Liaise with the Welding Engineer as required
- Assist Contractor as much as possible to identify potential problems and to suggest appropriate solutions
- Report any problem without delay and provide technical assistance to the contractor as required
- Provide technical assistance to contractor and subcontractor work teams
- Coordinate with the other yard team members as required
- Report on Piping activities to the Fabrication Lead
-       Comply with the Activities described within the HSE Management System
-       Take reasonable care of own Health and Safety and that of Others who may be affected by their acts at work
-       Know responsibilities to environmental issues in the work areas
-       Each employee, at his level of responsibility, must observe all Company Rules, Procedures and instructions in the        performance of his own task
-       Follow HSE instructions given by Managers and supervisory personnel
-       Assure of the safety of his work site before commencing work
-       Take the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger
-       Exercise such caution as is necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or to avoid pollution
-       Use tools, equipment and their safeguards correctly
-       Use the provided means of personal protection correctly
-       Leave the workplace behind correct and orderly, upon job completion – enforce the Company Clean Desk policy
-       Report any anomaly, abnormal conditions and near miss to supervisor
-       Participate actively in HSE meetings, safety talks, tool boxes, training sessions and drills
-       Co-operate actively in the execution of the HSE plans
Authority to suspend activities when there is a potential or actual threat to human life, the installation or the environment,
and notify forthwith the responsible supervisor
Absheron gas and condensate field is located offshore approximately 100km south of Baku, and 30km away from the Oil Rocks hub of SOCAR where EPS production will sent through a subsea pipeline.
Article 6.1 of the PSA states that SOCAR and TOTAL shall establish a non-profit joint Operating Company equally owned by SOCAR and TOTAL.
JOCAP is since 1st August 2018 the Operating Company for the EPS and further phases if any.
Main challenges identified for the PVV Supervisor:
- Absheron EPS Project is a fast track project with aggressive planning until First Gas
- Absheron EPS Project is developed in a new entity (JOCAP) and all procedures/actions have to be created

- To ensure the Fabrication of the Oil Rocks Receiving Facilities at BOS Shelf Yard by the EPCI Contractor is carried out in
 accordance with the high safety standards of TOTAL and SOCAR
- To monitor the that the quality of the Fabrication activities executed by the EPCI Contractor is in accordance with Project     standards
- To monitor the progress of the Fabrication and pre-commissioning activities executed by the EPCI Contractor and report on any major deviations from Project planning schedule

- Experienced supervisor with a high technical level of specialisation in his discipline, and with at least 10 years’ experience
   in the context of large offshore oil and gas international projects
- Extensive knowledge of yard activities, pre-commissioning and Offshore Hook up activities
- Good understanding of the contractual relationships involved
- Experience with major oil and gas project, good background with TOTAL technical and quality requirements
- Fluency in English (speaking and writing)
Interested applicants should submit their CV in English to joc-abd.hr@jocap.az
Deadline for applications – August 31, 2019.
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